Hope and Healing for Those Struggling with Narcissism

A Master Class in Healing Your Narcissism

About Me

I received my license as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in 1990. I was the Director, Clinical Supervisor, and a Staff Therapist with the Meier Clinics (formerly Minirth-Meier/ New Life Clinics) until the office was converted into a private practice in January, 2007. I have also adored working with Aged Out Foster Youth at Compassion Planet since 2013. I have been married since 1986. I have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

How did I learn I was a narcissist?

It was 1987. I had been married for a year and my husband, Danny, pointed a few things out to me:

1. I was self-righteous and had never admitted a single mistake during our entire first year of marriage.

2. I had never apologized once even though he had shared all along what I was doing that was hurtful to him.

3. I turned everything around and accused him of the very things he was trying to talk to me about (massively defensive, gaslit him, projected things I was doing onto him).

The scary thing was that I was in graduate school to become a therapist! I got the help that I needed, and I am no longer a narcissist. I am so thankful that Danny didn’t read all of the hopeless misinformation when I was spending time working on my own narcissism. We have now been married for 38 years and Danny says he is one of the happiest married people that he knows, and we have many friends with very healthy, solid marriages so that is saying a lot! I have spent the last few decades as a psychotherapist helping narcissists and their spouses and partners after healing from my own covert narcissism. Narcissism has always been treatable. There is a ton of misinformation online about narcissism. Narcissists are being combined with psychopaths and sociopaths, and they are VERY DIFFERENT. The bottom line is that anyone who wants to can make significant changes which will improve their own lives and their relationships. I will share with you what it takes to heal from narcissism, and I will give you some quick tips of things you need to start doing and stop doing immediately to help your relationships improve. You will receive one video a week for 8 weeks. There will also be a Facebook group, and you can contact me if you get stuck.

Cost: $500.00 or 3 Monthly Payments of $165.00

Get a taste of what you'll be learning

Week 1:

What is Narcissism

When Lisa discovered her narcissism

How narcissism is created

What to start and stop doing immediately

Week 2:

Rewiring our Thinking

The internal shifts we need to make

How to increase empathy for yourself and others

More things to start and stop immediately

Week 3:

Idealization and Devaluation

Our tendency towards idealization and devaluation

The cost to our relationships

What will help us and others

Week 4:

Types of Narcissism

Overt, Covert and Malignant Narcissism

Contrasting Narcissism and Borderline because it's important to know what you have

Week 5:

Our Relational Struggles

The things that hurt our relationships:

Stonewalling and Silent Treatments

What to do instead

Becoming More Comfortable with Our Feelings

How to self-soothe in healthy ways

How to nurture our real selves

Decreasing our dissociation

Week 7:

Who We Really Are

Discovering our real selves

Learning how to nurture and protect our hearts

Letting go of the false self

Week 8:

Putting It All Together

Evaluating where we were 8 weeks ago and where we are now

Where we are heading

Things that will help us as we continue on in our journey


“Lisa has helped me to understand my narcissism with gentleness and compassion. She has helped me to really understand why I started using these defense mechanisms to begin with. She truly understands this subject matter from the inside out, and I am now much healthier in my relationships.” RK

"I consulted Lisa after reading You Might Be A Narcissist If… which helped me and my wife understand my narcissism. I then had monthly educational phone consultations with Lisa for two years. It decreased my shame talking to Lisa because she had acted out in the same ways in her own marriage. Lisa’s authenticity in being able to frankly describe her previous experience as a narcissist gave me words for my experiences which helped me tremendously." MJ

"Lisa excels at listening, assessing, and responding with compassion and insight so that we all can take an honest look inside ourselves at our own character defects. She gives very practical and helpful advice with the steps to get us unstuck in our relationships and in our lives." ER

Email: lisa@healingyournarcissism.com or text (585)774-4866

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